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Robert J Cornell, MD, PA

Urologist located in Houston, TX

4.95/5 Star Rating
74 total reviews

Dr. Robert J Cornell always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 74 reviews with an average rating of 4.95 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Robert Cornell below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Gaylorn B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/16/23
Dr Cornell and his team made me feel very welcome and comfortable as if I was a important client and not just a number I commend them on the professionalism and hospitality that they showed me I appreciate the doctor for making me feel like Superman I've had the best year I've ever had in my life
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/12/23
Dario R.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/04/23
On time and very knowledgeable
Daniel W.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/24/23
Three years ago, Dr. Cornell took a chance on me and I and my wife are grateful to this day. Thank you Dr. Cornell.
Robert R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/21/22
I can honestly say Dr. Cornell and his team on hand are the most professional staff I've ever dealt with. I've had other co-workers have bad experiences with other Urologists in the area of vasectomy, hearing about nightmare experiences and uncomfortable painful experiences I decided to do my research and came across Dr. Robert Cornell, and very glad I did. Not only did he explain everything beforehand and what to expect, his attention to detail to make sure all of my questions were answered and or explained was extremely informative. So the day came for the actual procedure, and let me say, for me I could've drove to and from Dr Cornell's office as the procedure was a pleasant and professional experience. I just took the prescribed pain medication an hour prior to the procedure and every 4 hours for the the first 24 hrs, then switched to Tylenol as needed after. Only a slightly soreness for a couple of days, but completely manageable with over the counter Tylenol. You'll need an athletic supporter for after the procedure which is key, buy 2, you'll be glad you did. So I went in on a Thursday and was able to return to work the following Monday, if i had a desk job I would've went to work the next day, but I have a physically demanding job. Dr Cornell and his staff was so good I've recommended him to everyone that asks about the procedure. He and his staff are so professional that any and all male issues I have they handle including TRT therapy. So Glad Dr Cornell is my Urology expert and my friends are starting to set up procedures with Dr Cornell and his staff also. He and his staff have great bedside manners.
Ralph B.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/09/22
My dad recommended me to Dr. Cornell because he was happy with his service and had been seeing him for about fifteen years. Dr. Cornell took care of my medical issues and I am feeling much better now. I since referred my son to doctor Cornell to benefit from his amazing services.
Lester G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/06/22
Hello men, I have a true story to share with you. I am a 58-year-old Black male with a serious lumbar and cranial condition not to mention diabetes. At 50 yeas of age, I started mild experience with ED. I went to my PCP who prescribe me Cialis, well that work for about 6 months to a year but became worse over the years. My PCP increased the dosage of the Cialis which had a slight effect. I was Gave injections, pills under the togue and a penile pump. By age 52 none of the methods worked and I was unable to get or maintain an erection. This Led to Low confidence and low self Esteen. It was also one of the reasons I got divorced. Well as time with by I was a man but had not confidence. I would meet women but stayed away from conversations that evolved sex, I would tell the Femals I was looking for companionship, but eventually the topic of sex would come up, so I just stop communicating and just live my life. One day I was speaking to a friend of mine who said (hey man, I don't have those problems, but I have a good urologist) He gave Dr. Robert Cornell Office number and I called and made an appointment. I meet with Him in March of 2022. very kind and patience middle-aged guy. He took notes of everything I told him and said it's a strong possibility he could help. I was saying to myself that it's no type of hep he could give me, but I was wrong!! His office called me the same week and schedule me an appointment for surgery. The AMS 700 MS series penile implant was performed BY Dr. R Cornell, and it was a 90 Percent success for me at the time. Yes, I had swelling and mild pain, but it was not instance at all. Due to my poor health conditions, it took me approximately two months to heal within the third month I was able to masturbate. As the months went by, I notice my healing progressed and my percentage went up to 95 percent, I called my Ex-wife up who had no idea what I had done only that a urologist treated me for my prostate. Sir, my performance with her was unlike ever before, my penis was fully erect, and she had an orgasm that made her say to me (what the F... did that doctor do!) I just laugh and said to her "He worked on my prostate" She Replied Dammm! The thing I like the most about the implant, it doesn't matter if you're sick, do not feel like sex or the person is not attractive, you are guaranteed to have a full erection no matter what the case is. I also like when I watch porn, I can see the whole sex act without premature ejaculation. I also can say that the other person will orgasm first and sometimes I would have to fake an orgasm lol. Really! can you picture me a 58-year-old 285-pound 6-foot 2-inch man faking an orgasm, well that's true talk Dr. Cornell changed my life and gave me confidence back. He restored my man hood back fully. I strongly believe I'm at a100 percent now and when I was 20 years of age, if the choice was given between the penile implant or to stay natural, I would have chosen the implant. It is amazing. Dr. Robret Cornell THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Chris C.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 11/22/22
Informative and professional, the process was simple and accommodating to my schedule, considerate of time- in and out appointment in no time.
Lon F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/13/22
Dr. Cornell was excellent for me. Surgery went very well. Could not ask for more than the care he and his staff afforded me. I researched for quite a few months, and chose Dr. Cornell. Very glad I did.
Rudy S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/13/22
Dr. Cornell is an excellent doctor, who listens to his patients, and it filters down to his entire staff as well as his medical staff. I always enjoy my office visits, because I feel like family. I have been a patient, since 2016 and am I glad that I found him. He has been treating me and getting rid of my problems. Thank You Doc.
Tjeerd H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/30/22
Before meeting Dr. Cornell, I had been to 5 other urologists in Europe who couldn't help me. My experience with Dr. Cornell is that he really listens to you and he has helped me to get rid of my problems. He is a phenomenal urologist. He changed my life!
Daniel G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/20/22
Very knowledgeable prompt and caring
Harry N.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/18/22
Dr Cornell listened patiently to my medical history, medications and goals for the future. I was very comfortable with his assessment and have complete confidence that he will treat and resolve what I’ve been enduring for over a year. Dr Cornell and his Staff are in a word: superlative!
Jeffrey M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 04/26/22
Very attentive and excellent listener. Staff was sharp as well
Guy-Robert P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/01/22
Great customer service, caring and professional. The staff is responsible and amazing. Dr Robert Cornell is one of the best Urologist in the industry if he is not the best. He cares for his patients and he is very impressive about his job. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to cure their E.D.
Dale S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/19/22
Good. Dr. Cornell clearly explained potential causes of my condition and potential remedies. Also recommended best modern approach to evaluating potential diseases.
Ryan E.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/16/22
Excellent care
Jaren H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 02/08/22
Excellent customer service and professionalism from the ladies up front as well as Dr. Cornell.
Leonel A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/27/22
Johnny Vel Wieslaw P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/27/22
In my case it is a long story, I am from Poland, and this kind of procedure is not very common. I started looking for the experienced doctors in Europe. The most of penile implant surgeriries are done in Germany, so I made an appointment with an urology professor who was recommended to me, as an expert in this field, but after 2 days of travelling and the meeting with him I was absolutly disappointed. Having seen and having read a lot about prosthesis penile implantation, I seemed to be a better expert them him!!! Because this kind is a surgery is one if not the most important decission concerning our sex lifes, I decided to look for the best doctor I can get for this procedure, and this is how I found dr. Clavel. I called him on 11th January and on 26th of the same month I had the surgery done. I am just one day after, and I must say that everything I experienced exceeded my expectations. Starting from the nurse service - apart from being very professional the are simply great and warm people. Dr Clavell promised me that he will be of assistance any time after the surgey if I need it. Yesterday - the day of the surgery we exchange some information on whatsapp and today he called me asking and giving some further instructions. My surgery went well. No pain at all and I am very happy with the result. Belive me, in the situation you consider penile implantation, the key point is to find the best doctor. After all you will get something that you serve you most of your life. Not only you but palso your partner. With this experience I would not look for another doctor. Thank you for all you’ve done and I am looking forward the return of my sex life….. I can’t wait.