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Vasectomy - More Information


Birth Control for Men

Dr. Cornell offers a no-scalpel procedure that is 99.8% effective at preventing pregnancy. The procedure is quick, easy, and nearly pain-free. Vasectomy is an in-office procedure that prevents sperm from reaching a man's semen. It is the most effective form of birth control.

What is Vasectomy?

VasectomyCompleted in the office under local anesthesia, the no-scalpal vasectomy procedure permits access to each vas deferens - the tube carrying sperm from the epididymis / testis to the urethra - through a single surgical puncture in the scrotum. Sterility is confirmed with a semen analysis at 6 and 12 weeks, at which time no sperm should be found in the ejaculate.

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Is Vasectomy for Me?

Vasectomy is a procedure for men who are sure that they are no longer interested in having children. Although reversible in many cases, vasectomy is only for men that have made the decision that they do not want additional pregnancies in their lives. Most of our patients are married men who already have a family and the number of children they want.

Is Vasectomy Painful?

Dr. Cornel's no-scalpel procedure absolutely minimizes discomfort. Local anesthetic is applied to the area and a tiny hole in the scrotum is made without pain to the patient. The blocking of the vas deferens produces only a small tugging effect. Within a few days of the procedure soreness will have subsided, and men can return to work. At the end of a week, most men can return to normal sexual activity.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy

No-Scalpel is an advanced vasectomy technique used by Dr. Cornell. Vasectomies have been performed for many years. With the development of the no-scalpel method, the procedure's already low complication rate has been reduced even further. Rather than cutting the skin of the scrotum, the skin is punctured and the vas is delivered using special instruments.


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