Common Myths About Penile Implants

Common Myths About Penile Implants

Ongoing problems with erectile dysfunction have had an enormous impact on your sex life, and you’re looking for solutions. As you contemplate whether a penile implant is the best solution, you have questions.

Here at our men’s health practice, Dr. Robert Cornell and our team believe that patient education is paramount. We want to make sure that you fully understand any treatment you undergo, which is why we’re taking a closer look at some of the myths surrounding penile implants here.

Myth: Penile implants will change the way my penis looks

Whether you opt for a semi-rigid (bendable) or inflatable implant, these devices don’t change the way your penis looks in either a flaccid or erect state. 

Myth: A penile implant will affect sensation

When we implant a penile device, we don’t alter any of the nerves in your penis, which means you should experience the same sensations you usually do during sex.

Myth: Ejaculation is more difficult with a penile implant

Just as you’re able to feel the same sensations, you’re also able to ejaculate as you normally would. When we outfit you with a penile implant, the device doesn’t have any effect on your ejaculate delivery system.

Myth: I can’t have an MRI with a penile implant

If you need to have an MRI done, you’ll first be asked whether you have any implantable devices. You should absolutely disclose your penile implant, and the technician may make some adjustments, but the products we use are generally MRI-friendly.

On a related note, you shouldn’t have any problems getting through security checks, such as those at the airport, but we do supply you with a card, just in case.

Penile implant considerations

While we’ve focused on a few common myths about penile implants, we also want to discuss a few considerations.

There are potential side effects that come with penile implants, starting with the fact that you will likely no longer be able to have natural or spontaneous erections. With a penile implant, your erections will only occur with your participation (either bending the implant or inflating the pump).

As well, as with any device, parts can wear out and there can be mechanical failure. To offset these risks, we use only the products that have the best success rates, such as those from American Medical Systems®. 

In fact, the parent company, Boston Scientific, conducted a study of more than 39,000 patients that found that the seven-year mechanical survival of a Boston Scientific penile implant is greater than 94.5%.

We hope that we’ve covered some of the more important points about penile implants in this blog post. If we’ve missed anything, please contact our office in Houston, Texas, to set up a consultation where we can discuss your other questions.

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