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Gain More Confidence With Ventral Phalloplasty Genital Contouring

The old adage that appearances can be deceiving is certainly apt when it comes to describing many penises. First, a flaccid penis is hardly a true representation of an erect one. And even then, excess skin may be keeping the true form of your erect penis under wraps.

If you want to boost your confidence with a penis that appears longer, we may be able to help with a ventral phalloplasty genital-contouring procedure. As a men’s health specialist, board-certified urologist Dr. Robert Cornell understands that confidence is both an inside and outside job, and we’re here to help with both. 

If you feel your penis isn’t living up to its true potential because of excess skin, read on to learn more about genital contouring.

Uncovering the truth

Let’s first start with some numbers — the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.43 inches and this number grows to 5.03 inches when it’s erect. 

Wherever you fall on this scale, if you’re looking to enlarge your penis, your options are very limited, despite what marketers may want you to believe.

There are scores of products and services that claim to enlarge penises, and we would posit that a good 99% of them are bogus. There’s no magic pill or cream that’s going to miraculously give you a penis that’s inches longer or much wider.

Where we have had success is with ventral phalloplasty genital contouring, which, despite its lengthy name, is a very simple procedure.

Many men have penises that are hidden to some extent by scrotal skin that attaches fairly high up the shaft. The effect of this is like a double chin — the excess fat and skin below a person’s chin robs their chin of its true profile, instead blending it right into the neck.

As a result, the triangular piece of skin from your scrotum hides some of the base of your penis.

With a ventral phalloplasty, we aren’t making your actual penis longer, we’re removing some of this skin to reveal more of the base and make your penis appear longer.

Undergoing a ventral phalloplasty

If you want to uncover the true length of your penis through a ventral phalloplasty, understand that, even though the procedure is fairly straightforward and minor, we still put you under general anesthesia.

Once we finish up and we’re confident everything went well, we send you home on the same day, so please arrange for a ride.

We ask that you take it easy for a day or two after your surgery and take care to keep the stitches clean and disinfected.

You should heal fairly quickly after your ventral phalloplasty, but use your judgment on activity levels. For example, jumping on your bike may not be advisable for a few weeks. Rest assured, we monitor your recovery, and we’ll give you the go-ahead for getting back to business as usual.

If you’d like to explore whether you’re a good candidate for ventral phalloplasty genital contouring, we invite you to contact our office in Houston, Texas, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cornell.

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