• Uncover Your True Size with Ventral Phalloplasty

    on Mar 12th, 2020

It can be frustrating to have the true size of your penis buried under extra scrotal tissue that serves no purpose. If you want your penis to come out from under the folds, a ventral phalloplasty is just the remedy you’ve been looking for.

At our practice, Dr. Robert J. Cornell is a leading urologist who handles men’s health issues of every kind, whether it’s medical, functional, or cosmetic. As part of our extensive suite of services, we offer a genital contouring procedure called a ventral phalloplasty.

Here’s a look at how this procedure can uncover your true size.

A matter of excess

When we talk about excess skin that’s covering up to one-half of your penis, we’re referring to your scrotal sac, which contains your testes. The reason for the more exposed pouch is that your testes need a lower temperature for optimal sperm production and storage.

When it comes to the optimal size of a scrotal sac, the plain truth is that there isn’t one. Some men have smaller sacs that only extend a small way up the shaft of their penises while others have a larger amount of redundant tissue that can climb up half the length of the penis.

In these cases, this excess skin covers the lower portion of the penis, making the penis appear smaller than it actually is. While there’s no health threat that’s associated with this excess skin, it can pose a cosmetic concern.

Shedding the excess

If you’re bothered by having your penis hidden under scrotal skin, your best avenue is a ventral phalloplasty, which is a relatively simple procedure that can unveil the true length and size of your penis by removing the excess skin, making your penis appear larger.

While Dr. Cornell uses the latest minimally invasive techniques, he performs a ventral phalloplasty using general anesthesia for your comfort. During the procedure, which takes very little time, Dr. Cornell removes the excess scrotal skin, leaving plenty in place to fully protect your testes.

Once you wake again, Dr. Cornell checks to see that everything looks good and then sends you home with complete aftercare instructions. You may be sore for a little while after your procedure, and you may have to refrain from a few obvious activities (think cycling). But this tissue tends to heal quickly, allowing you to resume normal activities fairly quickly.

While a ventral phalloplasty is a great way to uncover your true size, you can also combine this procedure with PenumaⓇ penile enhancement surgery to increase your penile length or girth.

If you’d like to explore how a ventral phalloplasty can improve the appearance of your penis and scrotum, please contact our office in Houston, Texas, to set up a consultation.

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